CLSxItaly: Third Edition

Good morning folks,

This last weekend, on Saturday 6th May at the Talent Garden Milano Calabiana, I had the opportunity to have a speech at the Community Leadership Summit “X” Italy (CLSxItaly) at Milan. For who don’t know yet this summit, this offer the opportunity to meet and know passionate, curious, organizer and leader of some realty who make activity and/or project through communities not only no-profit related, and, wants to share their experiences. Personally and by me, this type of events, permits an awesome debate between the different interpretation of the “community” concept, and, how it is apply in the disparate context, moreover, permits to meet and connect the different realty and their communities in a free and inclusive way.

Concerning my talk (Talk Link), I put there a little focus about the goals of our national Mozilla community (Mozilla Italia), and, talk deepened about the Open Leadership Training Program, promoted by Mozilla Foundation. It have the goal to shape the Leader of tomorrow, giving the basis and some helpful instruments to lead open source projects and communities connected.

The people attended and involved in the event was more then fifteen the people. The Agenda was divided in two principal moments (Link Agenda). The morning was dedicated at the talks. In total the talks was six  comprehensive mine. In the evening, was plan an “un-conference” where all the people proposed some topics for debate and discuss. During the break and the final aperitif, it was possible, moreover, to share some point of view and opinions in all the topics touched during the talks and the un-conference.

In the next days will be publish in the official website of the summit all the talks and keynote of the different sessions made by the un-conference. I’m extremely happy of this experience. Know other people who have similar passion of mine, who persecute their goals with a community, and, available to share their experience with the other in a spontaneous, inclusive, free and open way it was really really fantastic for me.

The last but not the least element of my Milanese weekend is my meeting with some of Mozilla Italia volunteer who lives and work in the North side of the Italy.  Have this great moment to meet in person, share our opinions, point of view and ideas about  our community was awesome and it make this last weekend more special for me.

I want to say Thanks at Mozilla to given me this opportunity, all staff of CLSxItaly to involve me in this summit and all the Mozilla Italia and Mozilla volunteers that spent with me a great half day.

Thanks at all!!!





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