Open Digital Day 2019

Hello Guys!

only one word: Awesome!

Personally, I’m so happy of the opportunity to have in a single place Mozilla Italia (and also Mozilla Sardegna),  Wikimedia Italia, the Italian community that follow the project made by the Wikimedia Foundation and OpenStreetMap, LibreItalia, the Italian community that follow the project LibreOffice made by the Document Foundation and WordPress Italia, the Italian community that follow the WordPress Project.

During the conference organized by me and all the OpenDigitals Community members, we had the opportunity to show at the attendees our communities and our project. We had some moments to debate with the attendees with a Coffee Break and a Lunch to talk about how is important now to support the free culture and in general the openness in all the digitals ways.

About the Mozilla part to talk about the  Internet Health Report and the importance that have actually for Mozilla this project to understand how to improve the healthiness of the web, and which developers project have actually Mozilla to maintain open the develop of the Web. In the afternoon we made three sessions about the Mozilla IoT Project, the WebVR with A-Frame and the CommonVoice Project. I found so interesting see how the attendees come for the different session was very impressed about what could be made with these different technologies.

After all that, I’m very happy to see how some other community leaders have some in common in the diversity of their main goals. We as Mozilla are focused on the Web and we want to protect it with all our energies, but it also important remember that the Web must be an opportunity to share freely a real culture, and again, it also important to remember how must be open the format where we deliver our digital document, and at least but not least, how must be easy to share our experiences in the Web. Basically, it is very important that the Mozilla Foundation, the Document Foundation, the Wikimedia Foundation, and the WordPress Foundation continue in the future to works all together to protect our digital life.

What can we do in Italy?

As a crucial part of the Italian movement that follows nearly all these foundations, we need to work altogether. This is why exist Open Digital Day and why I think that in future will exist an OpenDigital Community of Open Leaders from some different communities and Foundation with a common goal: Protect, Promote, and Help the people to understand why it is so important to persecute a Free and Open culture in all the digitals ways.

I want to say thank you at all the Leaders of the LibreItalia, Wikimedia Italia, WordPress Italia, and Mozilla Italia to be part of this first team and especially at Denise Monfredini for the support in the last month to build this first Open Digital Day Conference!

Thank you!