Two Days at Global Sprint 2017

As I wrote in my 26 May post (Link Post), this year I had the opportunity to take part at the Mozilla Global Sprint 2017. This event permitted at the attendees to know and contribute at over fourty opensource projects from around the world that have the goal to protect and improve Internet, as a free, inclusive and open resource. The event was be online over Internet and offline in over sixty hosts in the whole world from 1 to 2 June. On Italy, the event was be hosted by the University of Milan “Bicocca” and the University of Catania.
 Over two-hundred of attendees online have partecipated at the event. Mainly, the communication platform used was Gitter for the Instant-messaging and Vidyo for the Demo Sessions lives. The Demo Sessions was organized in three different timing every day. One for North and South America, one for Europe, Asia and Africa and one for the far-east and Australia. The live demo permitted at all people, online and offline, to know better and contribute at the projects involved.
Every project have specified some tasks, as issues on Github Repositories during the Sprint. The Projects was subdivided in differents tracks relative at Internet, as: Open Innovation, Digital Inclusion, Decentralization, Privacy + Security and Web Literacy.
The Italian Projects involved during the Spring was three. The Open Student Book, a project that have the goal to make a resource for the University students to understand better the potential and what is the opensource movement, the L10n Italian Localization guide project, that have the goal to make a localization guide for localize content from English to Italian and the WikiToLearn: Hives Network project.
The event lasted 50 hours in total, where, globally and continuosly, the attendees contribute and participate to make the projects involved in the Global Sprint. The volume of all the activities during the Sprint on the GitHub Repositories of the projects was:
302 pull request closed
320 pull request apen
2223 comments e issues
824 commits pushed
 Concerning the Open Student Book projects that I presented and made, thanks to the Mozilla Open Leadership Training progam leaded by Abigail Cabunoc Mayes, I’m real happy to see how this event could gave the opportunity to move close people over the entire world at my project, and moreover, how it gave me the opportunity to move close at other projects who are growing to protect our biggest resource that we have in this moment, Internet. At least, but not least, I’m very happy to share this experience with Sara Todaro, Leader of the L10n Italian Localization Guide and Chris Otta, leader of the Git Push Freshman Project,that have the goal to create a curriculum about the basis on Git.
I’m proud and happy to contribute from the start at these projects as Mentor of the Open Leadership Training Program and see how these projects are growing day by day, and see their demo during the Mozilla Global Sprint 2017.
I want to say thank you at Mozilla for this new and further opportunity, Chris and Sara to involve me in their projects and Abby to gave me the opportunity to be a Mentor in the Open Leadership Training Program.
Many Thanks Guys!!!




Mozilla Global Sprint

Buonasera popolo di Internet,

Volevo segnalarvi il Mozilla Global Sprint, l’evento organizzato dalla Fondazione Mozilla a cui sarà possibile partecipare dal primo al due Giugno in oltre sessanta luoghi pubblici di ventisette paesi nel Mondo, oppure, attraverso la rete Internet.

L’evento permetterà a tutti partecipanti di conoscere e collaborare ad oltre quaranta progetti opensource da tutto il mondo che hanno l’obbiettivo di proteggere e migliorare Internet, come risorsa libera, inclusiva e aperta. Diverse reti di scienziati, educatori, artisti, ingegneri e altri si incontreranno tutti assieme dal vivo e online per innovare in maniera libera.

I progetti saranno suddivisi in cinque differenti traccie relative ad Internet quali: Innovazione Libera (Open Innovation), Inclusione Digitale (Digital Inclusion), Decentralizzazione (Decentralization), Privacy e Sicurezza (Privacy + Security) e Alfabetizzazione Digitale (Web Literacy).

E’ possibile ordinare gratuitamente il proprio biglietto per poter partecipare sia dal vivo che online. In Italia saranno due le Università che quest’anno hanno deciso di ospitare l’evento. L’Università di Catania e L’Università Bicocca di Milano. La lingua utilizzata preferenzialmente sarà l’Inglese ma attualmente i progetti che parteciperanno al Mozilla Global Sprint Italiani saranno tre. OpenStudentBook Project, Progetto nato dalla volontà di creare una piccola guida per avvicinare gli studenti di tutte le facoltà Universitarie a progetti nel Opensource, Mozilla Italia l10n Guide, un Progetto con lo scopo di creare una guida di Localizzazione dall’Inglese all’Italiano per il software e i progetti opensource e WikiToLearn che ha lo scopo di realizzare delle piccole realtà locali nel mondo al fine di raccogliere quanto più possibile del materiale utile per lo studio degli esami universitari.

Penso che questa sia una grandiosa opportunità per poter entrare in contatto con nuove comunità e nuovi progetti che nascono per costruire il web del domani. Per qualunque informazione visitate il sito internet

Vi aspetto numerosi al Global Sprint il primo e il due Giugno online oppure a Milano o Catania!!!

Un Abbraccio.




FOSDEM 2017: I’m there

Hello Guys,

20170205_162249I’m very happy to share with all of you my experience at the FOSDEM! This year was the first time for me here! That’s amazing!!!  Here you could find, talk and know some and some other volunteers from the most important open source communities. It’s only that? Absolutely not! The FOSDEM represent an important event where all the communities could share their works, technologies and their innovative ideas. For two days a University Campus be an open source temple with some booths where you can ask and find some amazing news a information, specific room where some amazing volunteer share their skills and project with specific talks, and last but not the least, good beers and food .

20170203_223837The FOSDEM is placed at the ULB on Brussels, Belgium. All start with the Beer event on Friday Night at Delirium Tremens. Some people with great beer!!! Amazing!!! On Saturday all people arrive at the ULB and the show could start. The location isn’t far away from the center of Brussels (approx. 20 minutes using the 71 Bus).


I’m been involved in the Booth of my lovely Mozilla community. For me stay there it was fantastic. For some fact. The first was that I can help my community to spread the voice in a Open, Inclusive and Free Web for everyone in the world, second, I had the opportunity to discuss with some people 20170204_172500over the Europe about our amazing community. In mozilla I have the opportunity to been involved in different role in the Mozilla communities, so, this is a great and important possibility for me to figure out how I can help the other in our European contest and in my region. On the booth, where I mainly involved, I talk a lot of all the Mozilla programs (especially Mozilla Campus Club Program & Mozilla Club) and  about the new technologies 20170205_120946and languages promoted by Mozilla (especially about Rust & the Virtual Reality on the Web using A-Frame). In all these two days I think to have been the opportunity to talk with at least one hundred of peoples about all these topics and moreover about the Nightly version of Firefox and more, and more other topics 🙂 For me this experience is awesome!!!

photo_2017-02-10_17-19-23The least but not the least was the amazing and funny dinners with the other guys from Mozilla community over all the Europe.  The most awesome thing that I found in our community is that we are a community, we like to drink, to talk, to work and to do some things all together!!!


Thank you guys for all that, and thank you Mozilla for give me this amazing opportunity to be a part of this community.


20170205_132603P.S.: For the second time, our Italian Community had the opportunity to be there and discuss in person about our community strategies and to have funny and interest moment all together. We done a photo shoot to remember this awesome moment!