MozFest 2016: Awesome!!!


Before writing this article I wanted to take some time, because writing this small article concerning the MozFest it is an hard work. Hard work because the MozFest is more then one human could imagine.

For a volunteer at MozFest, this experience was not only an exercise to open the mind and heart at the OpenSource, and in general, a innovative ways to make technologies in a Open way. For a Volunteer is make and help the people to have a great experience in all these. This is my first MozFest and have the opportunity to help, to know and to make a session is in real awesome for me!!!photo_2016-11-04_12-37-23

In general during the Fphoto_2016-11-04_12-37-07estival, I was be involved in the promotion of the Mozilla Campus Club Program (Campus Program Homepage), I had a session, named Open Project – hackaton: campus campaing edition, with Christos Bacharakis & Faye Tandong to make a round table concerning the Students and their necessity & to work all togheter at the project OpenStudentBook, I helped in the MakerParty ChangeCopyright Table and in the Mentorship Program helpdesk too. The Open Student Book is a project that have the goal to make a little guide readable and editable to try to understand how the students of differents Faculties could be involved in Open Communities and, morevoer, how they could find interesting to contribute in Open Project. This project is born, this August, when I started a Mentorship Program with the Mozilla Foundation. Moreover I’m really happy to see that myphoto_2016-11-04_12-37-20 Poster Design for the Campus Club be liked at some people at the mozFest 🙂

My personal first experience at the MozFest2016 was Awesome!!! Awesome because I meet more of all the people who constantly I meet and with which I persecute my goals how Mozillians. Awesome because photo_2016-11-04_12-37-17there, we have made all  things in a Open Cooperation and including all the participants. The last but not the least, Awesome, because this festival isn’t a place where you see only something but you can make an experience where all people are equal.

I wish at all people to have the opportunity to go at the  MozFest the next year and I want to say thank you at all people who given me the opportunity to help, to have a session and  to make this awesome Experience! Especially thanks at Abigail, Christos, photo_2016-11-04_12-46-05Lucy, Brian, Faye & Mayur to support me, at Geraldo, Julia and Amira to  insipre me with the photo_2016-11-04_12-36-53Mozilla Club!!! The list could be more lenght and for example how to don’t mention Francesco, Daniele, Gabriele, Marco e Riccardo, my companions in this awesome adventure, or Ioana for the great chat over the Breakfast and the Party, or all the UK Community who works every year to make this awesome festival and all volunteers how Robby sales and Paul and the Indian Community at the MozFest adn more, more and more…


Finally I could say onlya thing: Friends, Thank you!!!

See you soon!!!

Linux Day 2016: Cagliari (ENG)


Last Saturday at Cagliari I had the pleasure and the honor to participate at the Linux Day. An Initiative, locally, promoted and organized by the Cagliari Linux User Group (Facebook Page). During the morning, I talked about the Mozilla Foundation and how, every day, fight to maintain the Web, open, free and inclusive. Next, I talked about the Mozilla Campus Club with the students involved in this program locally, and, I talked about the Mozilla Cagliari Club,photo_2016-10-25_17-36-07 emphasizing that today, the few the people, in overall, connected at Internet
don’t feel theyself secure and need to improve their skills to fell more free on the web, moreover some of they in real, don’t know to be connected at Internet when using their Smartphone. Next, I talked about the “Web Lphoto_2016-10-25_17-34-26iteracy” Concept and first to end my talk I presented the initiative “Webateca del Mediterraneo” maked by the Mozilla Cagliari Club to help the people to increse their skills to read, write and participate on the web in awareness. In the afternoon I maked, with the help of the students who will start a Mozilla Campus Club here in Cagliari,photo_2016-10-25_17-35-26
a Maker Party of the Mozilla ChangeCopyright Campaign (Details in this article). At the end of the Day the promoters of the Linux Day had assigned two prizes at the worthy speakers.
For me was be a big pleasure to cooperate with the Cagliari Linux User Group to be a part of this event that by now, in Cagliari is maked from 15 years.

Linux Day 2016: Cagliari (ITA)


Sabato scorso a Cagliari ho avuto il piacere e l’onore di partecipare al Linux Day promosso e organizzato dal Gruppo Utenti Linux di Cagliari (Pagina Facebook del GULCh). Durante la mattina ho parlato della Fondazione Mozilla e di come, quotidianamente, si impegna a lottare per mantenere il web un luogo aperto, inclusivo e libero, dei Mozilla Campus Club photo_2016-10-25_17-36-07con gli studenti che localmente sono coinvolti nel programma, del Mozilla Cagliari Club, enfatizzando il concetto che oggi giorno le poche persone che al mondo sono connesse ad Internet non hanno modo di potersi sentire al sicuro e hanno la necessità di sviluppare le proprie abilità per sentirsi liberi in rete, inoltre alcuni di loro, in realtà non sanno neanche di esser connessi ad Internet quando utilizzano gli Smartphone. photo_2016-10-25_17-34-26Successivamente ho parlato del concetto di “Web Literacy” e prima di concludere l’intervento del mattino, ho presentato l’iniziativa con la quale, il Mozilla Cagliari Club, vuole aiutare le persone a incrementare le proprie abilità per poter scrivere, leggere e partecipare nel web con più consapevolezza, la “Webateca del Mediterraneo“. Nel pomeriggio ho realizzato, con l’aiuto degli studenti del Mozilla Campus Club nascente di Cagliari, un Maker Party sphoto_2016-10-25_17-35-26ulla Campagna di Mozilla ChangeCopyright (articolo dettagliato qui). A fine giornata gli organizzatori hanno assegnato dei premi ai relatori più meritevoli. E’ stato per me un vero piacere poter collaborare con il Gruppo Utenti di Linux di Cagliari e aver preso parte a questa manifestazione che oramai a Cagliari viene realizzata da oramai 15 Anni.