#ChangeCopyright Campaign at Palermo

Goodmorning Folks,
I’m very enthusiast and happy to share with all of you, what happened last weekend at Palermo.
It’s was wonderfull for me to be involved, another time, in the activities of the #ChangeCopyright Campaign promoted by Mozilla. I’m very excited especially to get involved all the Palermitans in a open and inclusive discussion about the actual Internet Health status.
Today, we need to use the Internet techonologies
directly and undirectly without any assurance of a complete and full awareness. For that reason, it’s was important get involved peoples in a wide inclusive debate in topics as Net Nutrality and Internet Resilience.
The ca. fifthteen people involved during the Event had the opportunity to know more details about the #ChangeCopyright Campaign made by Mozilla, partecipate at one interactive activity with the Internet Health Report (the Report made by Mozilla the last year about the Health status of internet), and know how a more closed european coypright reform could be a serious and important threat at the internet health status. The event is articulated by a little presentation of the participants and the speaker, a short presentation of the Internet Health Report, an activity made for activate an inclusive debate on the principal issues reported by the Report, a short presentation of the #ChangeCopyright Campaign made by the foundation, and, after a little coffee break, a final forum for share the different experiences and ideas about the Copyright Reform.
At the event, besides me, have partecipated Federica Fulghesu, Coordinator for Mozilla for the #ChangeCopyright Campaign in Italy and Spain, Andrea Borruso, spokesperson for OpenData Sicily, Eliana Messineo, Communication Manager of FabLab Palermo, Filippo Pistoia and all the team of CRE.ZI. PLUS, Guido Smorto, Full professor at the University of Palermo, Andrea Libero Carbone, leader writer, and, Dott.ssa Giusy Mandalà spokesperson of the Emerging Series Project.
Personally this experience it was great. have the opportunity to share and have an open debate all together in these topics it’s really really helpful, especially when all the National media don’t consider important and vital the net Neutrality and all the topics regarding Internet.
For that reason, with Mozilla and our national community Mozilla Italia we are mobilizing to offer, at everyone, activities and materials helpful to increase the awareness about our future are threats by all the abuses of the big corporate.
First to finish i want to share here how Lawrence Lessig sometimes ago said. He said: “At just the time that the Internet is reminding us about the extraordinary value of freedom, the Internet is being changed to take that freedom away. Just as we are beginning to see the power that free resources produce, changes in the architecture of the Internet–both legal and technical–are sapping the Internet of this power. Fueled by a bias in favor of control, pushed by those whose financial interests favor control, our social and political institutions are ratifying changes in the Internet that will reestablish control and, in turn, reduce innovation on the Internet and in society generally.
I want to say thank you all people who make possible this event and all have actively partecipated at the discussion.
Thank you ♥