MozRetreat 2018 – ENG

What means be a Community? Why stay there?

Every Year the Mozilla Festival Team plan a session of three days of activities to lay the foundations for the Festival that will be every in London at the end of October. This unique initiative will invite Guests, Volunteer, and Employees of the Mozilla Foundation from all the World.

The MozRetreat (this is the name of the retreat where all participate at the activities) is an enormous opportunity of social inclusion where all could share their skills, experiences and their diversity for the best of the Festival.

This year the capital of the Retreat was Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
Eindhoven, with 220.000 ca population is actually one of the most important centres of Innovation in the Netherlands. Historically, Eindhoven had an important role in innovation, an example is that here the Philips Corporate was born. The invention of Compact Disc was one of the most important examples of how this city is an important center of innovation, that continues now and not only in the technological field.

Personally, have the opportunity to contribute actively to the Festival again is something of special, if we add the possibility to do it in a multi-ethnic social inclusive context, these experience became unique!

In the last days have the opportunity to listen to the different experiences from people of all the continents of the world and be part of the mozRetreat make me feel a “privileged”.

Sometimes the life brings us to be worried about the money, about every day, our careers, the stability and tons of other complicated and impossible things. Then, these moments come and you realize that as much as everything can be priority or important, noting of more beautiful of a group of people with the desire to share genuinely their self and make a common experience.

First, to write this blog post, I thought of two questions that I share here with all of you.
Personally, I don’t think that exist a single definition of what means “community” and the reason about we decide to be part of it.
The unique thing that I think important is that exist a real connection and volunteer to share our-self and our experiences altogether.
For me “community” is Mozilla, the MozRetreat and all moments where we connect all together as human the one with the others.

Thanks at all those have decided to share theirself with me!
Thanks, Guys!




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