Merge-it 2018 ENG

Hello World,
Today I want to talk about the experience at Merge-it 2018.

Every time that I take part at an event about the communities, I be curious to know how the others conceive and spread their way to make community.

So, first to prepare my suitcase, take one or more flights to arrive at venue, I prepare myself psycologically to be ready to absorb and harvest all the energies transmitted by all people that I meet during my pathway completely.

For who don’t know what is “Merge-it“, the event had the goal to offer a interaction momentum for all the Open communities active in Italy and the people that want to put in contact theirself with all those communities and their projects.

Personally, this experience was an important moment of grow and interaction and amoment of participation not only for the activities that every day I do as volunteer for the Mozilla Foundation inside our national community, Mozilla Italia, but a moment of networking and involvement with all people and realty active in the world of “Open“.

During all the day and inside our “Mozilla Italia Room” we performed a set of Talks and Laboratories about the #WebVR and the Framework A-Frame, WebAssembly, the Internet Health Report,the Program Language Rust, and the tools inside the last versions of Firefox for Developer Edition. At the end of the day, we have done a Forum with all people interested to share their experience inside the Merge with us.

About our national community, I believe that are a lot the results collected by us at this event. First of all I think that the participation direct or indirect of nine Italian mozillians during all the event, is a good record considering that all of them was be at Turin passing over all the job and famility commitment. All this prove that the attention about the Mozilla mission and the willpower to participate at the cause actively is always inside our community life.


During all the day, it was a big privilege have an high attention from all the attendees that constantly be inside at our full room, and all the interaction during the Internet Health Report talk, all the questions and the curiosity showed up during the techincal talks and laboratories about WebVR, Rust and WebAssembly prove that the steps done in the last years from Mozilla and from the Italian Community was important to maintain alive the light of a Free, Open and inclusive Web in all the World and in Italy.

I want to underline, moreover, that the “Merge-it” in Italy represent a real opportunity for a collective grow for all the national Open movement. Infact, are a lot the communities active with all their energy to make the event experience as an inclusive and special experience. The communities that take part at the event last saturday are Libre Italia, Ninux, Spaghetti Open Data, Industria Italiana del Software Libero, Wikimedia, Italian Linux Society, OpenStreetMap, GFOSS, and ubuntu-it.

The last but not the least, I’m very happy for all the new people met during this experience and I’m very proud of the all the communities and the people inside the open movement in Italy wants to grow and persecute their goals all together.

The volunteers of the Italian Mozilla community (Mozilla Italia) that, beyond me, was be actively involved inside the merge-it are, Eugenio Petullà, Gabriele Falasca, Daniele Scasciafratte, Lorenzo Faletra, Giovanni Solone, Stefania Delprete, Luigi Tedone, and Giovanni La Motta.

For any further information about the Merge-it visit the official website clicking HERE





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