ChangeCopyright Campaign at Cagliari!!!

Finally, it starts!

The ChangeCopyright Campaign starts from Cagliari.

The Campaign aims at bringing citizens into the discussion on the Copyright Reform and informing them on what it would change if approved.
Nowadays, we need people to be aware of potentially conservative policy initiatives, tailor-made to boost the gap between big corporations and small actors in the use of communication channels entering the market.

The event in Cagliari has been carefully planned by the organizing team and faced several setbacks because of the summer heat in Sardinia, that reached its record this year.
The primary objective of the event has been proactively engaging makers, artists, editors, and writers.
For this reason, we chose a particular location: a library (Ubik Library) in the center of the city.

Roberto Melis, the talented photographer representing the emerging Sardinian artists, has participated in the event with an exhibit of its work realized in the island, with local models.
The event has been mediated by several speakers, besides me: Federica Fulghesu – Campaign Coordinator for the Mozilla Foundation-, Maura Fancello of the ProPositiv0 Association, Sardegna Creativa Association, Pier Luigi Lai and a FilmMakers Colletive, Lifestills.

In the audience, we had artists, curious citizens, professionals and prominent representants of the Industrial Engineers category of Cagliari.
In spite of the several inconveniences, the event has attracted the attention of about 40 people, genuinely interested in the thematics proposed.
After a short introduction of the Campaign and the reasons why the Mozilla’s Foundation has decided to lead the efforts in this endeavor, I spoke about my mission in Brussels in the previous weeks at the European Parliament (Slide-Story).

After this short and engaging story, we opened a debate in the form of a round-table between speakers and audience. The main topics have been the impact the reform will have on the categories involved, the future perspective in their everyday professional lives and the side-effects of this highly inadequate Directive.
We also faced important and current issues such as Fake News and the economic and social impact of the Copyright regulations.

The event has been recorded, and it’s possible seeing (here) the Facebook live recording
or in the official Facebook page of the Campaign (Link).

Personally, in spite of the tight timing to put together and organize the event and the setbacks due to the high temperatures, I’m delighted that, for the first time, an International Campaign has been presented in Cagliari.
Even if the space was relatively small, we’ve been able to involve the right amount of people to open an inclusive and vibrant debate.

Considered the interest on the subjects and on the Open Source thematics in general, we’re planning other events and meetings in Cagliari starting from September.




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