MozRetreat 2017: an awesome experience

Goodmorning folks,
Today I want to share with all of you the awesome experience I lived the last week on Tallin, Estonia. In the last months I was invited to join at the MozRetreat, that is a “retreat” where volunteer nomined and Staff of Mozilla Foundation meets all together and every year, to design and share idea to build the next Mozilla Festival in a inclusive and open way. This Year, as the last, the MozFest will be at Ravensbourne on London in the UK. Tallinn, a City with ca. 400.000 residents, is the Capital of Estonia. This city have a medieval soul but the time, she reinvent herself to be one of the most fascinating European Capital for her artistic and technological appeals. The choice to have this appointment here in this city is really fantastic and extremely inspiring for me. That, not only for the activities done in these three days but for everyone of us. All these activities done was done in three day and was be hosted inside the Club of Different Rooms, located inside the artistic district of the city.

The first day after a round of general introductions made by all of us, it was done an introduction about all central topics of the next MozFest. Next, we was divided in little group and everyone made a festival vision and a draw about how could be connected all the topics together. The element that I found in real interesting was that the next festival will regard the Internet Health Report. I find fundamental and important that today the people could compare oneself with they-self in that topics and I think that all together could grow and build our-self better to improve our online experience. This Report regard 5 different principal topics that are, Privacy&Security, Webliteracy, Decentralization, Open Innovation, Digital Inclusion. The next activity of the day was that everyone, divided in little group, discuss about the report topics. Some was the food for thought that give me the personal opportunity to reflect about these topics. At the end of the day, first to stop our works, we met an Estonia Government representative that show as the E-Residency program made by the Estonian government. Personally, I found this opportunity in real interesting and I invite you to read further information about the opportunity that this program give.

The second day everyone of us had the opportunity to choose one of the five Topics regarding the Internet Health Report. That, in order to develop during the day ideas and share content helpful to show it during Mozilla Festival. Personally, my choice was the WebLiteracy. I will have the opportunity to create some clones of myself in order to follow all the topics, but unfortunately (I’m not sure if is unfortunately) I cannot do it. So, I chose the topic that I could represent better seen my volunteer experiences around the Mozilla community. The other activities of the day was related to share ideas that could be helpful to connect all the five topics all together in different ways. For example with interactive sessions, gamification, artistic things, laboratories and some other. At the end of the day and next to eat a great street food inside old container transformed in restaurants, all of us take a challenge with needle and strings in the art of Estonian crochet needle.

The last day was started with a city tour. all of us could choose between an Historical medieval tour in the old town, and, an Artistic tour in the art side of Tallinn. Personally, I chose the historical medieval tour. The guide was in real awesome and he had great illustrated all things about the multi ethnics history of the city and how in the time the Estonian people had fight for the Freedom and equality ideals. Next, we finalize the team and we started to get the basis for the next activities that will be make from here to at the end of October when the Mozilla Festival will be shown at the attendees. First to say hello, we passed great moments all together with good Estonian food and drinks.

Personally, This, for me, was an awesome experience combined by awesome people. Know this city, her history and contribute at the next Mozilla Festival is not only fantastic for me, but represent a big opportunity to help the Mozilla Foundation to pursue the freedom, equality, inclusion ideals on a open web.



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