The First month of “Webateca” is Awesome!!!


Hello guys,

Today I want to wrote somethings here about this first month of “Webateca” in Cagliari. The Webateca is a series of laboratories made by Mozilla Cagliari Club to explore the three areas of interaction with the Web (Read, Participate and Write).

In this first month we worked about how read the web, in details, we explored how works the Search Engine & the Browsers, good tips of navigation and how make good keywords, moreover we talked about the HTTP & HTTPS protocols, the Add-ons and about the hidden business of the web and some easy tips to protect our-self about all this. This last Saturday we done a little Quiz to know if all people who participate have understood well all the topics presented. The results are AWESOME!!! All people have passed with success this little exam. The next step, first to stop for the Christmas Holidays, is talk about how customize Firefox and how use a Mail-Client Application. First to say “Hello” at all the participants I want to plan a little Christmas Party  to celebrate this first month and half of activity.

All will finish first of Christmas? Absolutely NO! We will start from the second Week of January to explore somethings regarding the Encrypt and how participate on the Web. And from February, if all will gone well, we will start to explore how write our Open & wonderful Web!!!

To be more inclusive and help the people to reach the other in all the week I made a E-learning website. You can visit it here: