Maker Party: ChangeCopyright Campaign

On 14th October next the Webateca presentation, and, on 22th October during the LinuxDay, we have maked at Cagliari two events MakerParty. The Goal was to make a round table about the European Coypright law and about the daily implication for everyone. synthesizing, we having talked about why the Mozilla Foundation fight about that, that is because we fight to preserve the freedom of the user to share contents over Internet,  next, we have analyzed the differents way to preserve and protect the right with the CopyLeft, the Common Right, when the content be of Public Domain and how the European law is recognized in the different member countries especially in Italy.

Next, we seen differents form of Pop-Arts grown in Internet how Meme, Animated Gif, Mash-up Videos. Next, we discussed about how isn’t clear the copyright Law and how this law don’t permits to know which content could shared and which not, moreover,  we especially discussed  about how the people don’t read and don’t know the rules that implicity accept  when they sign-in in the Social Network.

It was interesting know how the people perceive in different way this fact at these two Maker Party. Despite, all the attendees show preoccupations about this topic, but someone don’t feel a real implication because no one received big repercussions for that. It was interest to discuss with all people and collect all the experiences and opinions from all the attendees to build a dialogue to sensibilize all people about how is important to shout out at the European Union to clarify with a Copyright Law that will be more nearest at the people and their needs, despite, no one received big repercussions for that. In conclusion we are discussed about simple examples about what could infrige the Copyright Law in Italy and about the official law in Italy about all that. Summarizing the laws are:

  • L. 633 del 1941
  •  D.L. 19 June 2015, n. 78, converted, with modification, from L. 6 august 2015, n. 125 and from D.Lgs. 7 january 2016, n. 2.
  • D.L.10 november 2014, n.163

At the end we sensibilzed the people to subscribe the petition to send a clear and simple message. The European and Italian Citizen want a law that protect and permit at they to be free to remain theyself on the web.



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